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Financed Amount:   -
Interest Rate:
Term (months): 60
Payment (Debit Fee Not Included): $471.00 $235.50
Interest Savings: - $489.53
Potential Equity Acceleration (36 Months): - $1,533.51
Potential Equity Acceleration (at payoff): - $2,761.20

Potentially pay off your loan approximately 6 MONTHS sooner.

First Debit Amount      Second Debit Amount *Debit Fee Not Included, See Customer Agreement


*Disclosure of Changes, Payments, & Equity Acceleration: 1.Mortgage & Auto are for quick convenience and DO NOT reflect any fees associated with The Plan. 2. Customer must review contracts for details of fees once calculated or approved by Customer. 3. Change of dates and/or any schedules of payment changes can affect the shortening of Terms, or savings, or other program benefits. 4. Payments under the Plan are remitted from Consumers every two weeks for budgetary convenience and one extra payment benefit per year after all fees are paid. 5. Payments to lenders may be paid in one full payment versus biweekly. 6. Any questions further contact Colonial Transfer at 866-882-3110 or refer to "Terms & Conditions" under "About Us".