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Colonial Transfer Corporation

Colonial Transfer Benefits

By enrolling into the Colonial Transfer Bi-Weekly Program it allows you to pay half of your payment every 2 weeks which applies 1 extra payment to the principal balance each year. These payments will be conveniently debited from your checking or savings account.

The Bi-Weekly Program is designed to significantly shorten the life of your loan. Enroll today and take advantage of the Colonial Transfer benefits listed below.

  • Early Loan Payoffs: The payment schedule is designed to pay off your loan several months faster than the original term.

  • Gain Equity By Accelerating Your Loan: This program will reduce the principal balance at an accelerated rate by making additional payments throughout the life of the loan, which will increase the equity in your investment.

  • Larger Trade-In Value: The Colonial Transfer Bi-Weekly Program will add equity simply because the loan payoff is several months faster than the original term.

  • Convenient Automatic Payment Withdrawal: This feature will save you both time and money, because your payment will be automatically debited from your checking or savings account and transferred to the lender.

  • Improve Your Credit Rating: By using the auto payment withdrawal, this will assure the payment will always get there on time and improve or maintain excellent credit ratings.

  • Rest Easy: Sit back and enjoy the ride, gaining equity and convenient loan payments with Colonial Transfer Corp.