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Covid-19 Alert: If you received a deferment or extension on your loan from your lender and Colonial Transfer is your Bi-Weekly Payment administrator please call 866-882-3110 to have your debit dates adjusted accordingly.

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  • Early Loan Payoffs
  • Gain Equity By Accelerating Your Loan
  • Larger Trade-In Value
  • Convenient Automatic Payment Withdrawal
  • Rest Easy: Sit back and enjoy the ride, gaining equity and convenient loan payments with Colonial Transfer.
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Colonial Transfer has developed an easily accessible yet powerful web based tool for our customers. Our main goal is to facilitate your loan payments using our payment plan to pay off loans quicker. Please check back often for updates and feel free to leave comments with suggestions or feedback.

*Disclosure of Changes, Payments, & Equity Acceleration: Change of dates and/or any schedules of payment changes can affect the shortening of Terms, or savings, or other program benefits. Payments under the Plan are remitted from Consumers every two weeks for budgetary convenience and one extra payment benefit per year after all fees are paid. Payments to lenders may be paid in one full payment versus biweekly. Any questions further contact Colonial Transfer at 866-882-3110 or refer to "Terms & Conditions" under "About Us".