About Colonial Transfer

We are Colonial Transfer

Founded in 2005, Colonial Transfer is a software solution that works with our customers to get them on budget and in control of their financial futures. Partnered with an FDIC Bank Administrator, we provide weekly or biweekly pay schedules for easy budgeting and loan acceleration, reducing delinquencies for our lenders while increasing equity and reducing loan payoff time for our customers.

Our Technology

Our proprietary software solution provides seamless customer experience and timely payments to lenders.

Secure & Compliant

Security & Compliance are our top priorities. FDIC Insured and NACHA Compliant, we will always work to put your safety first.

Our Team

Our customer service team is best in class. We work for you! We are happy to answer questions or help you navigate the unforeseen in life to find the best solutions while keeping your budget on track. See our reviews to see how we have been able to help thousands of customers reach their financial goals!