Help your clients find financial freedom, faster.

An integrated software solution that could save your clients money.

Go the extra mile for your clients with our accelerated payment plans. Colonial Transfer makes it simple for your customer to build more equity in their assets, putting them in a better position when it’s time to make their next purchase with you. Plus, we use a 100% digital process to simplify contracts and paperwork!


Not only will your clients save money with
our accelerated payment plans, you’ll increase retail profits, too!

A mutually beneficial partnership you can be proud of.

You can be confident that both you and your customers are receiving the best service in the industry. We are here to help you maximize your revenue opportunities and to help your customers build accelerated equity that will bring happy customers back to you sooner!

Our Trusted Partners are:

Auto dealerships, mortgage brokers, student loan financiers, and more.

With your help, Colonial Transfer is helping customers take control of their financial future. They are eliminating debt faster, managing their term loan payments better, and potentially saving money in the process.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our customers.

How much could your clients save?

$350,000 Mortgage, 8.99% and 360 Month term (30 Years)
Monthly Payments

Total Interest: $114,991

30 Years

*This example does not include fees for service. Please refer to your contracts for pricing and fees.

Bi-weekly payments
with Colonial Tranfser

Total Interest: $96,288

25 Years and 9 months
+ 4 years, 3 months saved on your loan!

See how Colonial Transfer can help you and your business.

We make saving as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Our integrated software means you only enter your customer’s information once.

  2. With eSignature, your client is automatically approved to start saving.

  3. As your customer builds equity in their asset, they are better positioned for their next purchase with you!

From one strong team to another.

Rest assured your client is in good hands. Our team is responsive and professional in providing exceptional customer service. Our loan repayment system is safe and secure, administered through an FDIC insured bank.

FAQ for businesses:

Yes! Simply submit the enrollment and we will follow up with the customer to get their banking information to complete their enrollment. 

No problem! Simply send an email to and our team will be happy to send the customer a copy of their enrollment form. 

Simply email and our team will be happy to update the customer’s account.

No! Simply email and our team will be happy to update the customer’s account.

There is a place to add notes when submitting an enrollment with your customer. Just add the Lender name, address and telephone number there and our team will ensure it is properly added to the account.