Financial freedom, faster.

Colonial Transfer LLC service helps you take control of your finances by enabling you to eliminate debt faster, manage your payments better and save money in the process. Today, Colonial Transfer LLC service is being used by consumers who find value in aligning their loan payments with their biweekly pay periods.

Bi-weekly payments accelerate your loan:

Colonial Transfer has been helping people save time and money on their loans for nearly 20 years. We’ve enrolled thousands of customers in the Bank administrated Plan to help accelerate their loans and make payments more manageable and convenient. This Plan is designed to put you in a better equity position and make your payments easier to manage.

Our Payment Plan will automatically pull from any savings or checking account to be sent directly to your lender. All you do is sit back, relax, and we’ll do all the work!

$350,000 Mortgage, 8.99% and 360 Month term (30 Years)
Monthly Payments

Total Interest: $114,991

30 Years

*This example does not include fees for service. Please refer to your contracts for pricing and fees.

Bi-weekly payments
with Colonial Tranfser

Total Interest: $96,288

25 Years and 9 months

+ 4 years, 3 months saved on your loan!
Smarter payments, more savings!

Give your payment plan a BOOST!

For those especially motivated, our new BOOST option gives you autonomy in your loan payments, increasing your payment on a one-time or regular basis that you can cancel anytime. Boost your payment to pay off your loan even faster and supercharge your acceleration benefit!

An accelerated repayment plan is a good option for you if:

How much could you save

with an accelerated payment plan?

Select loan type:

The Easiest Way to Pay Off Your Car.
Tired of No Equity when you trade? Accelerate you Payments!

  • Pay the same car payment you pay today without the need to refinance
  • Breakdown the payment biweekly and pay it off early.

Use the calculator below to see an example of how CTL could save you money!


Your home is your greatest investment, and CTL can help accelerate your payments to a shorter payoff by years. Building equity faster will potentially save thousands of dollars in interest. Let us show you how, by a simple call to our courteous staff.

  • Building equity faster
  • Save thousands of dollars in interest

Simply allow CTL’s biweekly payment administrator to make your payments for you directly from your payroll, checking, or savings account and you could be on your way to financial prosperity.

Use the calculator below to see an example of how CTL could save you money!

Kid Riding Bike

Regardless of what you financed, personal or student loans are typically loans you don’t want to be paying for anymore. What better way than to pay them off faster with CTL Service. Allow our FDIC Bank/Administrator to utilize the CTL system to deduct your loan payments biweekly from your payroll, checking, or savings account and let the savings begin.

  • Peace of mind when your payments are made on time
  • Your credit will improve once your debt is paid off

More importantly, keep in mind that you are potentially lowering the amount of interest you are paying, and with loan rates being high, that’s a saving you potentially cannot afford to pass up. Call our Courteous staff to see how we can help you.

Use the calculator below to see an example of how CTL could save you money!

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Graduating College was difficult enough, but paying back your loans doesn’t have to be. Don’t allow your student loans to overwhelm you.

Simply align your student loan payments to your pay schedule and have peace of mind that your loan is being paid on time.

  • Get out of debt faster
  • Auto deduct
  • Save money
  • Improve your credit

Use the calculator below to see an example of how CTL could save you money!

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Save on interest with an accelerated
payment plan that works for you.