Smarter payments, more savings.

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You could save on interest without refinancing your loan.

Our customers can pay off an auto loan six to eight months faster, and homeowners can pay off mortgages up to seven years faster with our true weekly and bi-weekly payments.


We calculate a true weekly payment, meaning that some months have a fifth payment to pay your loan off faster.


We calculate 26 bi-weekly payments per year, rather than bimonthly, or 24 payments, to pay your loan off faster.

Choose the term that works for you, with no need to refinance your loan, and our system will ensure the bank applies your additional payments quickly to your loan balance, reducing your debt faster and limiting the amount of interest paid.

Paying debts off faster could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest!

An accelerated repayment plan is a good option for you if:

See what loan acceleration looks like for you.

Save on interest with an accelerated payment plan that works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Colonial Transfer LLC was created with the sole intention of offering our clients a better way to manage their loan payments, enhance their asset equity and, get out of debt faster.

No need! You’ll continue making payments similar to what you do today, but Colonial Transfer LLC’s Bank Administrator will step in to manage the payments for you. You will continue to make your regular payments, weekly or bi-weekly, and Colonial Transfer will debit your account to make the payments.

Our system is safe and secure. Colonial Transfer is administered through an FDIC-insured bank. We guarantee that our clients are covered 100% for any funds improperly removed from their bank account while using our service.

You can accelerate your payments on home loans, automobile loans, school loans, and term loans.

Yes! Our BOOST option gives you autonomy in your loan payments, increasing your payment on a one-time or regular basis that you can cancel anytime.

There is no upfront cost for our service. The Service Fee is debited from your first accelerated payment. Please refer to your contract for disclosure of all fees relating to administering your biweekly or weekly payments.

Call us at +1 (866)-882-3110 at least  3 days (or 72 hours) before a scheduled debit and we’ll make the change for you.

Give us a call at least 3 days or 72 hours before a scheduled debit. We’ll reschedule or stop your automated plan. You may need to make payment to your lender on your own. You can stop or restart the program at any time.